Teaching and learning landscape in Primary Education in Spain: a necessary curricular review to educate citizens

Ano: 2022

Acta Geographica Slovenica62(1), 55–64.


Autores/as: Armas-Quintá, F. X., Rodríguez-Lestegás, F., Macía-Arce, X. C., & Pérez-Guilarte, Y.


The study of landscape is not new, nor is society’s concern for the environment. It occupies a central place in teaching geography and offers many opportunities for the integration of one’s own contents of geographic education. Landscape must be presented as a portion of space on the Earth's surface where natural elements and the actions of human beings interact, a complex reality where nature and culture mix. Knowing a landscape means more than knowing a portion of the territory, it also implies understanding the social groups and peoples that inhabit it. In this regard, and in addition to the study of exceptional, singular, or exotic landscapes, it is necessary to value the importance of ordinary landscapes close to schoolchildren. In this article, a curricular review of primary education in Galicia (Spain) is carried out with the aim of knowing how the study of landscape is approached, also taking into account the guidelines set out in the basic curricula at the national level.

Yamilé Pérez Guilarte

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