Landscapes, agricultura, peasants and environment in the history of Europe

Ano: 2022

en Cosme Jesús Gómez Carrasco (ed.), Re-imagining the Teaching of European History. Promoting Civic Education and Historical Consciousness, London, Routledge, p. 83-98.


This chapter explores how a rereading of the history of the European countryside can help us to construct a new narrative regarding the relationship between mankind and nature. For too long, practitioners of geography and history backed a model based on the exploitation of natural resources, the limits of which have become evident since the mid-1970s oil crisis and in the light of the current climate emergency. Studying European peasantries can teach us a lot about how to use natural resources without exhausting them. Indeed, as is shown here, recent historical studies have incorporated a socio-environmental approach.

Lourenzo Fernández Prieto

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