Structural-functional Variability in Pectin and Effect of Innovative Extraction Methods: An Integrated Analysis for Tailored Applications

Ano: 2021

Food Reviews International.


Autores/as: Sucheta Khubber, Milad Kazemi, Sara Amiri Samani, Jose M. Lorenzo, Jesus Simal-Gandara, Francisco J. Barba.


The pectin from different sources varies in view of major domains (homogalacturonan HG, rhamnogalacturonan, RG-I or RG-II) and extent of esterification determining major functional properties such as gelling, viscosifying, or stabilizing. The mechanism of sustainable extraction methods (ultrasound, US; microwave, MW; pulsed electric field, PEF; ultra-high pressure, UHP; subcritical water, SW) affects pectin. For retained structural features and functionality, lower power and temperature for US/MW/PEF may be preferred, while UHP and SW does not impart significant changes in pectin. For tailored applications, it is important to segregate the extraction methods as per the sources to achieve typical structure and functionality of pectin.


Jesús Simal Gándara

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