Stability profiling and degradation products of dihydromyricetin in Dulbecco's modified eagle's medium

Ano: 2022

Food Chemistry, 2022, 378, 132033.


Autores/as: H.L. Zhang, M.L. Wang, L.Z. Yi, P. Högger, R. Arroo, V.K. Bajpai, M.A. Prieto, X.J. Chen, J. Simal-Gandara, H. Cao.


Dihydromyricetin has shown many bioactivities in cell level. However, dihydromyricetin was found to be highly instable in cell culture medium DMEM. Here, the underlying degradation mechanism was investigated via UPLC-MS/MS analysis. Dihydromyricetin was mainly converted into its dimers and oxidized products. At lower temperature, dihydromyricetin in DMEM showed higher stability. Vitamin C increased the stability of dihydromyricetin in DMEM probably due to its high antioxidant potential.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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