Impacts of nutritive and bioactive compounds on cancer development and therapy

Ano: 2022

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2022.


Autores/as: Sabira Sultana, Abdelhakim Bouyahya, Maksim Rebezov, Mohammad Ali Shariati, Abdelaali Balahbib, Aya Khouchlaa, Ouadie Mohamed El Yaagoubi, Adnan Khaliq, Nasreddine El Omari, Saad Bakrim, Gokhan Zengin, Muhammad Akram, Mars Khayrullin, Irina Bogonosova, Shafi Mahmud & Jesus Simal-Gandara.


For persons who survive with progressive cancer, nutritional therapy and exercise may be significant factors to improve the health condition and life quality of cancer patients. Nutritional therapy and medications are essential to managing progressive cancer. Cancer survivors, as well as cancer patients, are mostly extremely encouraged to search for knowledge about the selection of diet, exercise, and dietary supplements to recover as well as maintain their treatment consequences, living quality, and survival of patients. A healthy diet plays an important role in cancer treatment. Different articles are studied to collect information and knowledge about the use of nutrients in cancer treatment as well as cancer prevention. The report deliberates nutrition and exercise strategies during the range of cancer care, emphasizing significant concerns during treatment of cancer and for patients of advanced cancer, but concentrating mostly on the requirements of the population of persons who are healthy or who have constant disease following their repossession from management. It also deliberates choice nutrition and exercise problems such as dietary supplements, food care, food selections, and weight; problems interrelated to designated cancer sites, and common questions about diet, and cancer survival. Decrease the side effects of medicines both during and after treatment.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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