Distribution of testate amoebae in bryophyte communities in São Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago)

Ano: 2021

Biodiversity Data Journal 9.


Autores/as: Souto MS, Gonçalves V, Pontevedra-Pombal X, Raposeiro PM.


Testate amoebae are a polyphyletic group of protists living preferentially in soils, freshwaters and wetlands. These Protozoa have a worldwide distribution, but their presence and diversity in the Azores (a remote oceanic archipelago) is poorly known, with only twelve taxa recorded so far. The published information reflects occasional collections from sporadic field visits from naturalists to São Miguel Island, mainly in the nineteenth century. To overcome this limitation, a standardised survey was carried out on the Island, sampling different types of habitats from several localities to provide the distribution and information on species ecology of testate amoebae

Xabier Pontevedra Pombal

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