Current trends and next generation of future edible oils

Ano: 2021

en Future Foods Global Trends, Opportunities, and Sustainability Challenges 2022, Pages 203-231.


Autores: Jinadasa, B.K.K.K.; Van Bockstaele, F.; Cvejic, J.H.; Simal-Gandara, J.


Oil is part of the diet as it is part of food products but also is used as a technical aid in hot (baking) or cold (dressing) food preparations. For these reasons, oil gained an attraction from consumers with regard to the quality, safety, and wellness of oil sources in the food plate. Limitations of land availability, climate change, and green chemistry approaches are issues to be considered regarding the current production and trade of edible oil. It is necessary to assess the current oil sources within the present scientific-technical knowledge to identify the potential strategy for future edible oils. The first portion of this chapter will provide a brief overview of edible oil. The subsequent sections will highlight different animal and plant-based sources, as potential edible oil sources. The final section will emphasize the perspectives and challenges of this sector and the potential strategy to overcome the potential foreseen limitations.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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