Crossed mobilities: the "recent wave" of Spanish migration to France after the economic crisis

Ano: 2021

en Bermúdez, Anastasia and Oso, Laura: New Trends in Intra-European Union Mobilities. Beyond Socio-Economic and Political Factors.


This article analyses the Spanish migration to France that emerged following the 2008 crisis from the perspective of crossed mobilities [Oso, L., A. Sáiz López, and A. Cortés. 2017. ““Movilidades Cruzadas” en un Contexto de Crisis: Una Propuesta Teórica Para el Estudio de la Movilidad Geográfica y Social, con un Enfoque de Género, Transnacional e Intergeneracional.” Revista Española de Sociología 26 (3): 293–306. doi:10.22325/fes/res.2017.24], focusing on the cross between social class, gender and generation. It considers the connection between this recent “migration wave” and Spanish low-skilled labour migration in the 1960s and 1970s (domestic service, caretaking, cleaning, the building sector). It also analyses high-skilled migration, which stands apart from traditional emigration, revealing the key role social origins play in labour market insertion. Finally, the article considers the crossed mobility between exiled Republicans and the Marea Granate or “Maroon Wave”, who refer to themselves as “economic exiles”. The analysis is based on qualitative fieldwork conducted in Paris with migrants that arrived in the wake of the 2008 crisis and virtual ethnography (Spanish emigration’s principal websites and Facebook portals).

Laura Oso Casas

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