Application of releasing packaging in beverage

Ano: 2021

En Seid Mahdi Jafari, Ana Sanches Silva. Releasing Systems in Active Food Packaging. Preparation and Applications, Springer.


Autores/as: P. García-Oliveira, A. G. Pereira, M. Carpena, A. Carreira-Casais, M. Fraga-Corral, M.A. Prieto and J. Simal-Gandara.


Nowadays, packaging is a crucial step to ensure the preservation of beverages during storage, transport, distribution, retailing and consumer handling. The drawbacks of traditional materials and the increasing demand for higher quality and safe products by consumers has led the packaging industry to develop new packaging systems. Many of the advances have been focused on active packaging, which aims to prolong shelf life, ensure food quality and safety and reduce the environmental impact of the packaging industry. This chapter will be focused on the main applications of the releasing active packaging systems in different beverages. Antioxidant and antimicrobial applications stand out, since oxidative reaction and microorganisms’ growth are the major causes of beverage deterioration and spoilage. Regarding antioxidant packaging, several extracts and natural antioxidants have been effectively included and intentionally released from packaging. Similarly, a great variety of compounds have been employed in antimicrobial packages, like metal nanoparticles, bacteriocins or natural antimicrobials. In addition, other type of applications could be described. Functional applications, which aim to improve the organoleptic characteristics of the product and/or bring health benefits to the consumers. Some examples are the gas releasing in beer or the nutrient release in different drinks. Finally, self-cooling packages for beer and soft drinks and self-heating packages for chocolate, soup and coffee have been developed, but some of these advances have not obtained a great commercial reception. This great variety of applications show that active packaging is a promising industrial sector, which is expected to continue growing an incorporating new scientific advance.

Jesús Siman Gándara

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