Traditional plants from Asteraceae family as potential candidates for functional food industry

Ano: 2021

Food & Function, 7,2021.


Autores/as: Paula Garcia-Oliveira, Marta Barral, María Carpena, Patricia Gullón, María Fraga-Corral, Paz Otero,  Miguel A. Prieto and  Jesús Simal-Gandara.


Traditional plants have been used in the treatment of disease and pain due to their beneficial properties such as antioxidant, antiinflammation, analgesic, and antibiotic activities. The Asteraceae family is one of the most common groups of plants used in folk medicine. The species Achillea millefoliumArnica montanaBellis perennisCalendula officinalisChamaemelum nobileEupatorium cannabinumHelichrysum stoechas, and Taraxacum officinale have been used in different remedies in Northwest Spain. Besides health benefits, some of them like C. nobile and H. stoechas are already employed in cooking and culinary uses, including cocktails, desserts, and savory dishes. This study aimed to review the current information on nutritive and beneficial properties and bioactive compounds of these plants, which are not mainly used as foods but are possible candidates for this purpose. The report highlights their current uses and suitability for the development of new functional food industrial applications. Phenolic compounds, essential oils, and sesquiterpene lactones are some of the most important compounds, being related to different bioactivities. Hence, they could be interesting for the development of new functional foods.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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