Optimizing salting and smoking conditions for the production and preservation of smoked-flavoured tilapia fillets

Ano: 2021

LWT,Volume 138, 2021, 110733.


Autores/as: Sonia Andrea Ruiz-Alonso, Lunier Joel Girón-Hernández, Jairo Humberto López-Vargas, Adriana Patricia Muñoz-Ramírez, Jesus Simal-Gandara.


The aim was to identify the salt concentration, treatment time and liquid smoke application technique (addition to brine or spraying) leading to the best possible physical–chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties in smoke-flavoured tilapia fillets that remain stable for at least three months. The fillets obtained by using brine at a concentration of 10 or 7.5% for 4 or 8 h, respectively, were those exhibiting the salt contents in the liquid phase closest to technical standards. The samples were given an overall acceptability score of 80% in the sensory analysis.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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