Improving the bioavailability and bioactivity of garlic bioactive compounds via nanotechnology

Ano: 2021

Volume 62, 2022 - Issue 30.

Autores/as: Xiaoming Lu, Chaofan Wang,Meng Zhao,Jinxiang Wu,Zhonglu Niu,Xueli Zhang,Jesus Simal-Gandara,Ipek Süntar,Seid Mahdi Jafari,Xuguang Qiao,Xiaozhen Tang,Zhenlin Han,Jianbo Xiao &Li Ningyang.

This review highlights main bioactive compounds and important biological functions especially anticancer effects of the garlic. In addition, we review current literature on the stability and bioavailability of garlic components. Finally, this review aims to provide a potential strategy for using nanotechnology to increase the stability and solubility of garlic components, providing guidelines for the qualities of garlic products to improve their absorption and prevent their early degradation, and extend their circulation time in the body. The application of nanotechnology to improve the bioavailability and targeting of garlic compounds are expected to provide a theoretical basis for the functional components of garlic to treat human health. We review the improvement of bioavailability and bioactivity of garlic bioactive compounds via nanotechnology, which could promisingly overcome the limitations of conventional garlic products, and would be used to prevent and treat cancer and other diseases in the near future.

Jesús Simal Gándara

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