Productive Landscapes

The rural world, food and the green transition

European landscapes are the result of anthropic construction and co-evolution between nature and people. In the European sphere, corrective policies and economic incentives are being considered and designed that minimize the impact of diverse agents on landscapes subjected to processes that increase their fragility and vulnerability. The inspiring objective would be to foster or favour an economic model based on sustainable resource management that meets the needs of the population while respecting natural landscape elements. For this, it is critical to assess economic activities from a logic of sustainability, analyse social metabolism, and engage in global ecological transition processes.

  • Food processing systems and their impact on the territory
  • Combatting depopulation from a logic of sustainability
  • Resilience of productive sectors
  • The impact of climate change on the territory
  • Green transition (energy and environment)
  • Production and sustainability
  • Agroecology and history