VII session: Cycle theses under discussion (25/01)


Last Thursday, January 25, the VII session of the Cycle of theses under discussion was held at the Home of CISPAC.

In the first speech, Mar Pereira Gómez (ECOPAST-USC and CISPAC) presented his research “An approach to tattooing, its social and symbolic meaning in Iron Age societies in the Eurasian steppe”. He discussed the abundance of body modifications in nomadic societies in the past, focusing on the Iron Age Scythian culture.

The second intervention was made by Hygor M. Faria (UFJF-USC) and his project “Between us and them: the indigenous issue in the military dictatorship and transitional justice, Brazil in a Latin American perspective”. In it, he showed the inequality that existed in terms of violence in the Brazilian dictatorship, leaving the indigenous people outside the mental framework of state development, in addition to delving into the actions of transitional justice related to them in the Truth Commissions.

Below we leave a selection of photos from the activity organized by the center: