Electoral process of choosing the Center’s Scientific Committee


The more than 100 members of CISPAC are called to the electoral process of choosing the 11 members of the Center’s Scientific Committee.

Its functions are to guide the main lines of development of the Center’s scientific plan, playing a central role in its development. Other functions of the Committee are:

  • Propose the joining of new members in CISPAC, following a report from the External Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Approve the Center’s annual scientific program.
  • Propose the composition of the Transfer Council and the External Scientific Advisory Council for appointment by the President of the Board of Directors.
  • Approve the appointment as collaborating researchers at the reasoned request of staff linked to CISPAC.
  • It will also propose the appointment of the Scientific Director to the Board of Directors.

The process takes place following this electoral calendar:

  • December 4: Convocation of the elections, publication of the provisional censuses and complaints period.
  • December 5: Resolution of complaints and publication of the Definitive Censuses.
  • From the 6th to the 10th of December : presentation of individual candidacies to the Scientific Committee.
  • December 11: Provisional publication of candidates and deadline for complaints.
  • December 12: final announcement of candidates.
  • December 13: Voting . Provisional proclamation of elected officials.
  • December 14: Complaints to the provisional proclamation of elected officials.
  • December 15: Final proclamation of the components of the CISPAC Scientific Committee.